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Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster at Motorclassica 2022

Best Vintage Car 2020 Concours

Motorclassica 2019

23 years after restoring this 300SL Roadster, we presented it, back to original LHD, at the AMG club rooms.

August 2005 - after 8 years hard labour, the Pebble Beach podium in our own car.

The Shelby EXP500 was not completed,
still won the ribbon in Melbourne 2014.

1913 Vulcan wins class trophy at Motorclassica at age 100.

Bits left from a 1917 firetruck
became a 14.5 litre Veteran.
and completed the
2013 Peking to Paris rally..

Perhaps our greatest ever challenge - building the W194 from blueprints. Now in the USA.

In the late 80s we prepared a
630K/SSK, for historic racing
. . . and for Supreme Awards

1993 Pebble Beach and a Japanese owned SS1 gets us our first podium.

1917 Packard Twin Six, that's a V12.

This 1951 Mercedes-Benz 170S Cabriolet was done for Hamburg, Germany.

Grand Prix Rally in the
Gullwing - Life's Good.

There is no classic car that
can't be rebuilt . . .

After three years hard labour,
the Allard shines on the lawns at
Pebble Beach 2011.

The 300S arrived from California, six
years later "Evita" won at Newport Beach.

The owner asked for the perfect E-Type. You are doing 80 in a 60 zone. Yes, and it's mph.

Our first Ferrari.

Uncontrollable in the wet, said the
owner of this fabulous 6.3.

The Mercedes-Benz 600 is perhaps the
best car anyone ever built.
This car won the Hong Kong
Classic Concours.

No, not us - the Bowdens.

Tatra T87, one of our most challenging,
yet most rewarding restorations.

We restored many of David Bowden's great cars.

We restored this 300SL Roadster for
Mercedes-Benz Germany.

Citroen SM, not an easy job,
but what a looker.

Not a lot to start, 1932 MG F2.

Highlight - the only RHD 4cam
GTB in all alloy!

Driving like Royalty, a 300d Cabriolet D.

Restored for Mercedes Germany.

Our first (of 22) cars for Hong Kong.

Too many dollars, but then gold
at the Nationals.

The '64 Studebaker Excalibur SS had a
poor start, but a great finish.

One of our many 300SLs,
each one a highlight.