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1934 Mercedes-Benz 380 Cabriolet A, on the podium at Pebble Beach again, 13 years after restoration. Amazing.


We have entered our thirtieth year restoring classic cars for collectors and enthusiasts everywhere. And our fourteenth year with this website. HOW TIME FLIES.

So I thought it time for some changes. Most of the story remains, it continues to apply. But we needed some new pictures.

How did it all start?  An article a few years ago said it better than I ever could:

A passion for perfection has become the perfect profession for a group of car lovers busy restoring classics in Brisbane, from Australia and all over the world.  It was a long hard haul, beginning with an innocent request as to where to restore an old Rolls Royce.  That was back in October 1988.  Many people were doing up old cars, but no one took it seriously, so the business grew to ten staff and 40 projects in the factory.

It took us years to find the best way, to find the best tradesmen, to source parts and information and to create a viable business.  It was 1992 when we were offered an opportunity to restore a car for a Japanese collector with ambitions to enter his car at Pebble Beach.  His 1936 SS Jaguar was completed in record time and to a standard that earned it an award at this world famous concours.

The new goal was a Pebble Beach podium finish, which we achieved in August 2005 with that incredible 1934 Mercedes-Benz supercharged 380 Cabriolet A.


The team at Sleeping Beauties has successfully completed over 500 projects, more than 100 of them complete restorations.  We have been able to restore beautiful cars for collectors world wide, Japan, Hong Kong, the USA and Germany, even the Mercedes-Benz museum in Stuttgart.

People ask what cars do we restore?  Well, if a collector considers his car worth doing and he can justify the money to do it properly, then we will restore almost any car.  Having completed work on a dozen Mercedes-Benz 300SLs, they are perhaps our specialty.  A look at our completed projects shows the wide variety of cars completed over the years.

We have learned that proper restoration is expensive, so it’s best done to a valuable, rare and beautiful car.  To do a superficial patch up or half a job is a waste of money.

Every restoration is only as good as the people who are doing it.  We are most fortunate to have our key people dedicated to perfection since we started this venture. Not every restoration project is destined to become an award winning show car.  Many of our customers merely ask for a nice car to pick up the papers on Sunday morning.  But every job is done to satisfy our own high standards.

We trust you enjoy this web site.  We will be constantly updating it as new projects pass through the work shop.  And if you have any question related to the kind of work we do, just send us an email.  But please remember we are rather busy.

or call Wolf Grodd on 0419 709 169
Pebble Beach 21 August 2005